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From Jure Zitnik <>
Subject Re: [BEP-0003] Multi product repositories
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2013 12:33:38 GMT
On 3/14/13 10:13 AM, Peter Koželj wrote:
> Maybe there is a solution in between pure soft links and repository table
> translation.
> I would go with links which is classical many-to-many table between
> products and repositories.
> We can then translate the repository table based on the links table instead
> of the repository table itself.
> If we can can pull this off on the SQL translation level we get "global
> repositories" with translated view in product context almoast for free.
Looking at the trac code, we might actually get away w/o introducing new 
tables (or changes to the translator layer) by just leveraging current 
'repository' table.

afaics the table is a simple attribute (name+value) table for each of 
the repositories. So one of the possible solutions for the global 
repositories + soft links would be to simply add another repository 
attribute that would represent a list of products that 'soft link' the 
repository... no database schema/translator changes required... other 
changes would include (at least) modifying 
'trac.versioncontrol.api.DbRepositoryProvider' and 
'trac.versioncontrol.api.RepositoryManager' to properly 'filter' 
repositories based on the environment ...


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