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From Jure Zitnik <>
Subject [BEP-0003] Multi product repositories
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2013 10:47:46 GMT

one thing that has not been discussed in relation to multi-products yet 
are VCS repositories.

Current implementation does not 'productize' repositories, all 
repositories are global. In my opinion this should be changed to have 
per product repositories. Practically this would mean adding 
'repository' table to the translated table list.

Olemis on the other hand suggested (in another thread) that all 
repositories should be global and have 'soft links' to products which 
would allow for repository reusal in different product contexts.

I would suggest we go with the first option (per-product repositories) 
for now and add support for 'global' repositories and 'soft links' at 
the later stage.

Any comments/suggestions on this?


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