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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #390: Product wiki syntax
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2013 11:55:14 GMT
On 04/03/13 22:39, Olemis Lang wrote:
> even if we don't choose sep = '-' it seems it may be matched
> so far I have discarded these chars as prefixes
> / collisions with relative wiki page refs in wiki context
> - has a major ambiguity when it comes to expanding raw-attachment and
> similar TracLinks namespace
> : TracLinks meta-char , obviously out
> . collisions with relative wiki
> I'm starting to think that we should be using one of ~ >
> 1. prefix~#123
> 2. prefix>#123
> ... or a combination of the former e.g.
> 3. prefix->#123
> I think I'd rather prefer 1 or 3 . In the first version I'll implement (1)

Well, I have considered those and I might compromise (I prefer '>') but...

The case of raw-attachment is a very good point. However, it is possible 
to get around it and it also has a particular major advantage if we ever 
get people to defect from jira. In order to achieve that I would be 
prepared to drop the requirement to be able to use the short form for 
anything other but tickets. In particular PREFIX-123 would be the 
important case.

If we are interested in more, it would be possible to get away with '-' 
under more conditions by specifying only uppercase namespaces are 
allowed or making by deciding how a clash with other link resolvers will 
be resolved. It should be noted that '-' is a problem for 
'raw-attachment' because of 'attachment'.

It might be annoying for the raw product that you are unable to refer to 
attachments in that form but from within the product I still expect 
users to be able to drop the prefix and externally there is still the 
product:raw:attachment: form.


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