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From Andrej Golcov <>
Subject Re: Query Builder (Search / Custom Query)
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 13:10:06 GMT
> I've had some more time now to look at how we can go from the current
> advanced search to a more integrated search / customer query interface,
> which we've called the Query Builder so far I believe.
> This is mainly achieved by making facets check boxes:

One clarification.
BH search shows facets in a different way from Amazone. BH search
shows facets count within returned result set. In other words if user
filters by component "A", bhsearch will show only one recored "A
(count)" for component facets. It is possible to do in Amazon way, but
requires at least one more search request. For now, I would stay with
current implementation.

Some notes and comments from my side:
 - We can also provide multi-level facets and date-time based facets
e.g. ticket milestone/state so UI should be able to support this
 - Number of products can be quite big and facet filter IMHO is not
the best way to filter product specific resource.  I would suggest
having an combo or dropdown with product selector. Something similar
to projects in or "computer
components" dropdown in amazon link that you provided. The product
selector can be  part of top navigation and used not only by search.
 -  BH resources have quite big number of fields. All of them cannot
be put in facets. So, we probably still need some kind of advanced
query builder in futue. But with aforementioned suggestion we can
pospone the advanced query builder for some time.
 - search breadcrumbs:
   - What does link on "Search >" on the left of breadcrumb?
   - I suppose that click on "Ticket >" link in the breadcrumbs resets
all filters except search box query? Does "Clear filters" link
duplicates the similar functionality?
 - "View as: Grid | Free text: Grid is just one of the possible (and
pluggable in future) ways of the result presentation. Though, I
suggest to have "View as" in dropdown way.
 - I think about "View as" as a part of toolbar below of search
breadcrumb. The toolbar may include select all/none methods, batch
operations etc.
 - "next >": is it next page link? Trac search uses "Next
Page/Previous Page" navigation on the right side of breadcrumb bar,
just below App dropdown. Does it mean that we will not show page
numbers e.g. 1,2,3... as it is done now?
- Will we support possibility to specify sorting in free text search view?

> When a user makes some selections in the facets area an then moves the
> mouse out of the area for a given time, a countdown is shown until those
> sections in which a selection happened collapse into a more condensed view
> of the selection:
I would prefer some static way (e.g. similar to Amazon) of doing this
without auto collapsing.

> When in the table view users will be able to make batch changes too, this
> isn't shown in the mock ups yet.
We can support batch operation for free text view also. It is just
another way of presentation.

Cheers, Andrej

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