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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #390: Product wiki syntax
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2013 18:12:21 GMT
On 2/20/13, Gary Martin <> wrote:
> On 14/02/13 17:34, Apache Bloodhound wrote:
>> #390: Product wiki syntax
>> ---------------------+---------------
>>    Reporter:  olemis  |    Owner:
>>        Type:  task    |   Status:  new
>>    Priority:  major   |  Version:
>> Resolution:          |
>> ---------------------+---------------
>>   Add TracLinks for products and wiki syntax for product resources .
> For consistency with the rest of the system we are almost certainly
> going to support product:prefix as a way of referring to a product as a
> whole. It would then seem reasonable to extend this to allow
> product:<prefix>:<resource> so for a prefix of bh we would have:
>     product:bh -> link to the product
>     product:bh:ticket:123 and product:bh:#123 -> links to ticket 123 in bh
>     product:bh:milestone:m1 -> link to milestone m1 in bh

This is consistent with my initial idea . I just didn't want to spend
time writing this and prioritize #355 i.e. TC conversion

> and so on. I would be happy to see this as a longhand form if this is
> seen as useful.

its a MUST as a last recourse for disambiguation .

> Before listing what these would look like for tickets, I would like to
> suggest that in the case of tickets, we could also drop the requirement
> to add a '#' to specify the ticket, this would force us to remove
> ambiguity for numeric wiki pages by requiring links like
> <prefix><sep>wiki:123, but I think that this is a small price to pay for
> brevity in ticket syntax.

IMO there's no need to drop it ... we can add numeric patterns rules
to consider them as ticket IDs by default .

> Therefore these appear to be the choices for
> representing #123 in product:bh in the shortest form:
>     bh-123
>     bh/123
>     bh.123
>     bh:123
> and here is the same for milestone m1 in bh:
>     bh-milestone:m1
>     bh/milestone:m1
>     bh.milestone:m1
>     bh:milestone:m1
> Each is likely to have their problems - the last case is interesting as
> it requires overloading InterTrac entries and could almost be emulated
> by users anyway if they prefer that form. There could also be clashes
> between defined InterTrac entries every so often though it might be
> possible to get around these problems.

-1 for : separator char

> The first form matches the jira
> names for tickets but we may have to question if hyphens should be
> allowed in a prefix and whether we want to deal with that.
> My preference is for '/' at this point - the only potential clash that
> springs to mind is with Wiki/Pages but those seem to require some
> specific uppercase rules.
> Are there any other problems others can spot?

AFAICR bh/whateever within a wiki page context will be expanded to
relative page . I guess hyphens and/or dots are less problematic
(unless I'm missing something ;) .



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