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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: Demo servers active
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2013 19:44:37 GMT
I have loaded the i.a.o/bh data with a little bit of sanitisation to fit 
the installed workflow. It is missing items relating to attachments and 
probably a few other things but it is a start.

Another option (or something to combine perhaps) would be provided if I 
dust off some code I was playing with a while back to insert random 
lorem ipsum text into through the xmlrpc interface. If anyone is 
interested in that script, I can put it into our repository somewhere 
along with some documentation.

Anyway.. I have done a blunt adding of some js to override the problem 
with the ticket behaviour. I'm not exactly convinced that it is the best 
way to go but I guess I will live with it for now.


On 19/02/13 17:24, Joachim Dreimann wrote:
> The JS solution seems less intrusive, but ease of implementation should
> guide us here.
> As for the default data: yes the i.a.o/bh data seems like a suitable
> starting point.
> On 19 February 2013 16:28, Gary Martin <> wrote:
>> Well, #399 is effectively fixed - just not for the current release. There
>> are a few potential work-arounds for the issue on bh-demo2, including:
>>   * override the offending code with some custom site js
>>   * move the base path for the environment to
>> I don't particularly like either of these solutions as it is something
>> that will have to be reversed again. Still, possibly better to get it done
>> and at least the error is found.
>> Default data is a good idea - are we happy with taking tickets from
>> to use for this for now?
>> Cheers,
>>      Gary
>> On 19/02/13 11:34, Joachim Dreimann wrote:
>>> Looks like a good starting point.
>>> I reckon we need to fix #399 and add default content (tickets, milestones,
>>> versions, products) before we can promote this further afield.
>>> Without this we'd turn off the majority of users (those that browse and
>>> those that want to create stuff) almost immediately in my opinion.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Joe
>>> On 19 February 2013 11:04, Gary Martin <> wrote:
>>>   Hi,
>>>> With a lot of help from Gavin, we  now have the demos that we have been
>>>> discussed. These are at:
>>>> (the nightly build of the latest code)
>>>> (the latest release version of the
>>>> code)
>>>> Both of these are scheduled to rebuilt once a day (I believe around 03:00
>>>> UTC) which results in both servers starting from a clean state with no
>>>> tickets or other changes. Please keep this in mind if you want to make
>>>> use
>>>> of these servers to help report bugs.
>>>> The bh-demo2 suffers from the following bug which stops the Create Ticket
>>>> button working:****bloodhound/ticket/399<**bloodhound/ticket/399>
>>>> <https://****ticket/399<>
>>>> Cheers,
>>>>       Gary

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