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From Peter Koželj <>
Subject Re: User comments on ticket modification UI
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2013 20:25:07 GMT
On 29 January 2013 19:00, Gary Martin <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Sorry to go back to the details!
> On 26 January 2013 12:13, Andrej Golcov < <mailto:
>>> wrote:
>    Just want to somehow summarise issues we discussed about and initiate
>    further discussion.
>      - After update, result page scroll is confusing. At the time of
>    being, it is scrolled to the result #comment.
>    I guess, we have consensus that result page should be scrolled to the
>    top? Link to the comment can be shown in popup.
> Without a means to add comments from the top of the page, I would not
> advocate this approach yet. The activity feed does give us some
> justification in going this direction on the basis that we can still see
> what we have just added which is a good confirmation of what is changed. On
> the other hand, an eventual change to submitting with AJAX should make this
> redundant.
>      - Modify button in navigation bar acts odd. There is suggestion to
>    move it out of nav bar.
> Another question is whether we will actually have enough items to bother
> with the scrollspy at all. Does anyone actually make use of this at the
> moment?
I would hope that there is not enough items to warent the scroll spy. The
thing feels like a fix for a problem that should not be there in the first
but that is highly subjective viewpoint :)

>      - "Update (leave)" caption of update button confuses user.
>    There is aslo a suggestion to move workflow actions out of Modify
>    functionality as separate action. We need more feedback and mockups on
>    this.
>      - "Submit changes" button duplicates "Update (leave)" button.
> It probably makes sense always to have a submit button visible so that
> users always know where to find it. My only worry is that users will find
> it more natural for a submit button to be with the comment.
If I take a step back, writing a comment with each ticket edit sounds like
a good practice similar to commit messages.
No need for "Add comment" buttons in edit mode then, display the comment
text box as part of the edit form.

>      - If Change history is long, "Add comment" field may not be visible
>    to user. There is suggestion to collapse Change History in Modify
>    mode. Or may be put Add comment before Change History in read-only and
>    modify modes?
> Collapsing the change history feels a little bit unnecessary to me and
> could be annoying if you had to make sure you knew everything you needed
> before entering the modify mode or be forced to find your place in the
> comments again. An add comment button always being visible seems to be the
> best option to me at the moment.
>    Did I forget something?
>    Please add your experience feedback.
>    Regards, Andrej
> Another question is where the comment textarea should be located. I have
> toyed with the idea of moving it to the top of the activity area into what
> will eventually be part of the sticky region but I feel that it would not
> really be big enough. The edit ticket and comment buttons could be there of
> course. Another alternative might be that we just have some kind of pop-up
> comment editor but we would still have to make sense of how this interacted
> with the modify mode - I don't particularly want to stop people writing a
> comment and then doing other ticket edit events.
> I have also found myself questioning the requirement for an edit mode at
> all. What were the reasons for this again?

I have been asking myself similar question as well multiple times (not just
on Bloodhound). I guess it does offer some kind of protection agains
unwanted ticket changes (...did I just do copy or paste on that field, #$@!
maybe I should refresh the page just in case...)

> Cheers,
>     Gary

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