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From Andrej Golcov <>
Subject Re: User comments on ticket modification UI
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 22:56:46 GMT
> Modify Ticket section was removed so there's nothing anymore in the
> page to highlight it . It used to be active , but now it's just a
> command button .
> Maybe we should pull it out of scroll spy nav and use Bootstrap btn-*
> classes to make it more prominent ?

I would suggest the following changes in order to make ticket editing
more clear:
 -  Move workflow actions out of Modify scope - why user should modify
ticket in order to resolve it?

When in Modify mode:
   - Change description from "Update (leave)" (IMHO, leave word is
confusing in this context) to something like Update/Save/Submit
   - Remove/hide bar with Overview | Attachements | Comments | Add
comments. - as mainly not applicable to Modify mode
   - Remove "Change history" section
   - Rename "Add a comment" label to something like "Update comment" -
to make it clear that comment is applied to update action
   - Remove/hide "Submit changes" button - the same button is used to
add comments that is confusing in this context and we already have the
Update button with the same functionality on the top
   - After ticket update, scroll page to the top. Currently, it is
scrolled to botton, to #trac-add-comment anchor.

Regards, Andrej

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