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From Andrej Golcov <>
Subject Bloodhound Search prototype
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2013 14:39:51 GMT
I think that prototype phase of the Bloodhound Search is more or less
finalized. I invite community to review the code, play with
functionality and give feedback. Please refer to on how to
enable and use Bloodhound Search description.

Current Bloodhound Search provides similar functionality to the
existing Trac search with the exception of quick look by #TicketId,
changesets support and highlighting. The features will be added in the
next phase.

New features that are already available:
 - scored full text search
 - query syntax (meta keywords are not yet supported)
 - facet counts and navigation by facets
Using of free-text-search facility enables us with more features in
the future. Find roadmap on

Search UI is kind of proof of concept, a lot of things should be
improved here. Refere to #316 for UI improvements.

So, please review, play and comment.

Implementation notes:

Whoosh library is used as full text search backend. Current Whoosh
version (2.4.1) has a few problems that hopefully will be addressed in
the coming release. Bloodhound Search supports possibility to change
the search backend to alternatives (e.g. Lucene or Solr) if we found
serious problems Whoosh.

Having a separate full-text search index introduces additional
complexity in maintenance of consistency between DB and search index.
A lot of things should be improved here in the next phase.

Regards, Andrej

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