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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: User comments on ticket modification UI
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2013 18:00:40 GMT

Sorry to go back to the details!

On 26 January 2013 12:13, Andrej Golcov < 
<>> wrote:

    Just want to somehow summarise issues we discussed about and initiate
    further discussion.

      - After update, result page scroll is confusing. At the time of
    being, it is scrolled to the result #comment.
    I guess, we have consensus that result page should be scrolled to the
    top? Link to the comment can be shown in popup.

Without a means to add comments from the top of the page, I would not 
advocate this approach yet. The activity feed does give us some 
justification in going this direction on the basis that we can still see 
what we have just added which is a good confirmation of what is changed. 
On the other hand, an eventual change to submitting with AJAX should 
make this redundant.

      - Modify button in navigation bar acts odd. There is suggestion to
    move it out of nav bar.

Another question is whether we will actually have enough items to bother 
with the scrollspy at all. Does anyone actually make use of this at the 

      - "Update (leave)" caption of update button confuses user.
    There is aslo a suggestion to move workflow actions out of Modify
    functionality as separate action. We need more feedback and mockups on

      - "Submit changes" button duplicates "Update (leave)" button.

It probably makes sense always to have a submit button visible so that 
users always know where to find it. My only worry is that users will 
find it more natural for a submit button to be with the comment.

      - If Change history is long, "Add comment" field may not be visible
    to user. There is suggestion to collapse Change History in Modify
    mode. Or may be put Add comment before Change History in read-only and
    modify modes?

Collapsing the change history feels a little bit unnecessary to me and 
could be annoying if you had to make sure you knew everything you needed 
before entering the modify mode or be forced to find your place in the 
comments again. An add comment button always being visible seems to be 
the best option to me at the moment.

    Did I forget something?
    Please add your experience feedback.

    Regards, Andrej

Another question is where the comment textarea should be located. I have 
toyed with the idea of moving it to the top of the activity area into 
what will eventually be part of the sticky region but I feel that it 
would not really be big enough. The edit ticket and comment buttons 
could be there of course. Another alternative might be that we just have 
some kind of pop-up comment editor but we would still have to make sense 
of how this interacted with the modify mode - I don't particularly want 
to stop people writing a comment and then doing other ticket edit events.

I have also found myself questioning the requirement for an edit mode at 
all. What were the reasons for this again?


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