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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Bloodhound 0.4 (incubating)
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2013 16:34:44 GMT
On 16/01/13 15:48, Andrej Golcov wrote:
> +1 for release (non-binding)
> No problems on my Mac and Windows test environments.
> A few comments regarding installation process:
>   - Since tar.gz format is not supported by default on Windows, I
> suggest Bloodhound packaged also as zip to be become more friendly to
> Windows environment. For example, Apache HTTP Server and Apache Solr
> have also zip packaging.

We have no obligation to do so but, equally, it is not necessarily a bad 
idea. At the moment we are just keeping the load on release managers and 
testing the releases a little lower as each has to be signed and 
md5summed. That said, it should be as little as repeating the 
instructions with s/.tar.gz/.zip/ and the command to create a zip file 
and all that could be documented.

>   - Installation process, described in
>, uses svn
> trunk as installation source:  "svn co
> bloodhound"
> May be it is better to start from *.tar.gz file for user installation
> and use svn-based installation for BloodhoundContributing process?
>   - requirements-dev.txt is used for pip install command. Should
> requirements.txt be used instead?
>   - windows specific activation command is not correct. Current:
> "bloodhound\bin\activate.bat", must be (I guess)
> "bloodhound\Scripts\activate.bat"

All good points. We should get these items corrected soon. If you want 
to try to correct these issues, that should be fine.

> May be it worse to provide Windows specific installation steps or even cmd file?

Noting the difference somewhere should be enough for now as long as it 
is not too cumbersome or confusing.


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