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From Jose Angel Franco Navarro <>
Subject Ticket #280 implemented
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2012 20:31:11 GMT
Hello everyone!
My name is Jose Angel Franco, I recently  joined the community and I’m
interested in contributing to  bloodhound.

I picked up ticket # 280, and submitted the solution to my  BitBucket forks:

I  created a branch for this ticket on each repo to make it easier to
diff from  it. Both branches are named the  same

You can take a look at the diff as follows

Solution  summary:
ModelBase class and two utility functions used by it were moved to  a
more general module on dashboard plugin: bhdashboard/

Imports  were adjusted in multiproduct/ to refer to the new
module  bhdashboard/

Validating the correctness of the refactoring I ran the  tests in
ProductTestCase of the multiproduct plugin, and found a bug related  to
the use of multiproduct.model .MultiProductEnvironmentProvider  wich
had to be substituted by  multiproduct.api.MultiProductSystem

Once the import was fixed, some  test cases were failing due to
duplicate product name on test data, I varied  the names of the
products and it worked. Then some other tests failed, but  now due to
assertions not matching new conditions related to the name of  the
products that were just changed.

After these minor adjustments the  test cases are all up and running.

I made some functional tests as well,  on the /products page,
considering all CRUD transactions and everything is  working OK.

Best regards

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