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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Acct creation?
Date Mon, 31 Dec 2012 23:14:58 GMT
On 12/31/12, Joe Dreimann <> wrote:
> On 31 Dec 2012, at 11:01, Branko Čibej <> wrote:
>> On 31.12.2012 08:47, Olemis Lang wrote:
>>> fwiw ... If not logged in then there should be a link with caption
>>> «Register» under Apps drop down menu . However I'm of the opinion that
>>> we have to provide more visibility for it .
>> Hear hear. Carefully taking my mentor hat off and hiding it away in a
>> corner ... ok, have my potential user's hat on now:
>>    That Apps dropdown is the silliest idea I've ever seen on a badly
>>    designed web-page in a month of Mondays.

In general I do not agree . It serves to a similar purpose to what you
can see in e.g. GMail ...

Search | Images | Maps | Play | YouTube | News | *Gmail* | Drive | More »

... Apps drop down would be equivalent to More >> drop down menu

>> Now to put it more diplomatically: users will very likely not expect to
>> find interesting top-level links (such as Register, or New Ticket, etc.)
>> hidden away inside a dropdown with an obscure name that I've never seen
>> anywhere else on the Web. I'll note that Trac follows the common
>> convention of exposing these links,

which is not ok

Apps menu serves to the purpose of controlling overflow of main nav
items , which was a very frequent issue with Trac default theme . This
is caused by the pluggable nature of Trac extensions able to
contribute some types of navigation items

In MacTheme [1]_ the same is achieved by including all main nav items
in a drop down menu similar to Mac OS , which is the goal in that
particular case ;) . Something similar to Apps menu is used to control
overflow of meta nav items (e.g. login , logout, register, openid
login, rpc docs, ...)

OTOH , PyTppTheme [2]_ offers stacked nav pills floating to the left ,
based on design .

Many other desktop OS rely on similar solutions as well . I know
desktop and web apps are different , but the same problem is in place
. The fact is that we must control overflow of mainnav and metanav
items (... as well as breadcrumbs nav items, and so on ... ;)

I recall that the initial solution consisted of a tabs carousel , and
it was discontinued long time ago . That was suggested even before
bootstrap , and appearance was completely different .

>> and even Bloodhound duplicates
>> /most/ of them on the dashboard. Why can I, for example, see Search and
>> Create Ticket and Logout and Preferences, but not Register and
>> Notifications?

because search , create ticket , login , logout , preferences were
considered quite important and relevant as compared to other nav items

>> I think it would be no bad thing if the Apps dropdown just went away.
> I agree that this should go away.

If you mean changing it's name , thst's ok for me . If you mean
removing it completely I do not agree .

> It was just a quick fix for overly long
> menus and we've been removing links from it since to put them in more
> logical places.
> Its current form should disappear soon because there are hardly any left.

If you refer to i.a.o maybe ... but it's a bit more than that like I
just said before . You can actually have any number of main nav
contributors activated and not all should be displayed , but rather
the most relevant .

I don't think it should go away .

> There is a basic problem though in regards to how plugins integrate: many
> claim a spot in the main nav rather than nicely integrate where they are
> relevant. That can make it unwieldy - a drop down that collects all plugins
> allows them to still appear in the main nav without bloating it and setting
> the right expectations for users.


> It should never contain something as important as registration, login,
> creating new tickets or similar.

+1 , that's a fact ... maybe we just overlooked register link since
the beginning and notice this now as new users try to create accounts

.. [1] MacTheme @ t.h.o

.. [2] PyTppThemePlugin



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