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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #296: Enhance ticket header according to repsonsive mockups
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2012 16:05:49 GMT
Hi !

On 12/11/12, Peter Koželj <> wrote:
> This is not strictly related to this ticket alone. I would like to get a
> clear picture who is doing what to the ticket page concurrently at this
> moment.
> I know Matevz is working on responsive layout. How is this ticket related
> to that work?

Ticket header is improved considering Joachim's mockups . There's no
work in proposed patch for any responsive feature , as far as the
meaning of responsiveness is concerned [1]_ .

> And there is some ongoing work with inline editing/removing modify section
> by Olemis?

yes , I'm working on this since September 26th and along the way many
times the work on that ticket was paused . Now I'm solving some
technical difficulties . Yesterday Joachim contacted me to provide a
quick solution for #234 and there you have it .

> Do we need some coordination on this?

What kind of coordination do you need ? AFAICS , there are only two
tickets assigned to me #115 and #146 and afaics

  1- Joachim has assigned #217 to mathevzb .
  2- I've done nothing related to layout responsiveness [1]_
  3- Updated look and feel is needed for #146 . Otherwise
      the same feature should be implemented twice .

... afaics , if Joachim approves the patch for #146 which really
belongs to #296 (created after suggestions received from ) mathevzb
should rebase work on responsive layout to include those changes . My
changes have nothing to do with responsiveness .

What exactly am I missing ?

.. [1] Scaffolding - #Responsive design

PS: OTOH , I c Jure has proposed something akin to product
environments while #115 is assigned to me in the issue tracker .

Have you been working on #115 as part of #288 ? If so , how is the
work started for #288 related to #115 ? I look forward to see your
changes so as to review and compare with my current work on that
direction .



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