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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Browser, HTML and JS support
Date Sat, 01 Dec 2012 06:41:36 GMT
On 11/29/12, Peter Koželj <> wrote:
> The question of browser, html versions and no-JS support came up recently
> in a couple of threads.
> This deserves a thread on it own. Here is my proposal:
> We should migrate to HTML5. We are already using some of it and should make
> it official (HTML header)

suggestions to get this done in a separate thread .

besides I mentioned ... somewhere ... that we might want to include in
our pages Google's html5 patch for MSIE plus bootstrap MSIE
compatibility hacks . I noticed this while working on #195 , don't
remember any previous reply .

> DESKTOP BROWSER ("official" support)
> - Google Chrome on Windows and OSX
> - Mozilla Firefox  on Windows and OSX

+ Opera ;)

... and add GNU/Linux to OS list ... preferably Ubuntu .

> - IE on Windows

... with all the associated challenges . btw , is anybody testing BH
on Windows + MSIE ?

> - Safari on OSX
> For all browser only major versions released in last 18months
> are officially supported.
> Compatibility with other or older browser is welcomed but we should not
> spend extra energy on it or even worse, design UI for it.

... afaicr that's what we've been doing so far , at least most of the time .

> Responsive layout is nice but to actually support specific devices/browser
> would require that we actually posses those devices for development and
> testing.
> For now I would not support specific devices or platforms. All we can say
> "screen size adaptable" or something.

fwiw +1

> Is required! We should not spend time and energy on this right now. We have
> much bigger things to worry about.
> No javascript fallbacks can always be added later, and it also decreases
> the risk for designing to the minimal common denominator which is extremely
> low for non-javascript variant.

Reasons mentioned in previous messages. BH has to work even if JS is
not available , not 100% of the functionalities will be available
though .



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