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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Genshi XHTML + HTML 5
Date Sun, 02 Dec 2012 23:52:55 GMT
Hi !

On 12/2/12, Matevz Bradac <> wrote:
> I tried solving this on the stream level, but no luck so far.

However you have been doing an extraordinary research here . Good work .

> Due to the above complications (and those not yet discovered), I'd say
> it would be easier and less error-prone
> to just override the genshi.output.get_serializer() with BH's wrapper.
> The function is pretty trivial and unlikely
> to change much, so it looks like a safe alternative.

I'm not very aware of the details . Nonetheless I'd just say for the
moment that there's more chance to accept a patch (i.e. not
monkeypatching ;) for Chrome.render_template than another for Genshi .
In the end we are already distributing a modified copy of Trac , so
patches of this kind are welcome , especially if there's a good reason
to do so . So at this point don't be afraid of proposing a refactoring
for that method in order to be able to choose another doctype . Just
try to keep it as compatible with previous solution as possible ,
since there is no need to break Trac if e.g. Bloodhound theme is

OTOH creating another vendor branch for Genshi is quite unlikely to
happen soon .

Keep up the good work !



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