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From Matevz Bradac <>
Subject #217 - Make Bloodhound's layout responsive
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2012 19:59:17 GMT

I started implementing the responsive layout functionality, for which Joe had
created a mockup in #240. There are a couple of issues to be resolved, any
suggestions are appreciated:

1. In the ticket there's a proposal for being able to turn this feature on/off,
as it will impose significant changes on the layout, so some things may not work
as expected right from the start. I've currently implemented this by having two
types of templates (responsive- and old-style), and BloodhoundTheme's __init__
then checks for a specific trac.ini setting and switches to whatever is set.
The problem I see here is that template content changes will have to be synced
back and forth between both template types, i.e. any functional changes done to
one template will have to be implemented in the other as well. I suppose that
this is something we'd like to avoid, perhaps someone has a better
solution proposal?

2. Handling of widget macros: when using widget macros, each widget is a more or
less self-contained entity. Due to that certain layouts may be difficult to
implement without changing other functionality. For example in the mockup ticket
view in #240, the ticket header and the activity header are both placed in the
same sticky div. But due to the activity feed being inserted as a
Timeline widget,
the separation of its header and data is not possible (without hacks).
(Or perhaps
I've interpreted the widget code incorrectly?)


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