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From Joe Dreimann <>
Subject Re: Acct creation?
Date Mon, 31 Dec 2012 10:29:34 GMT
I agree that this should go away. It was just a quick fix for overly long menus and we've been
removing links from it since to put them in more logical places.

Its current form should disappear soon because there are hardly any left.

There is a basic problem though in regards to how plugins integrate: many claim a spot in
the main nav rather than nicely integrate where they are relevant. That can make it unwieldy
- a drop down that collects all plugins allows them to still appear in the main nav without
bloating it and setting the right expectations for users.

It should never contain something as important as registration, login, creating new tickets
or similar.

- Joe

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On 31 Dec 2012, at 11:01, Branko Čibej <> wrote:

> On 31.12.2012 08:47, Olemis Lang wrote:
>> fwiw ... If not logged in then there should be a link with caption
>> «Register» under Apps drop down menu . However I'm of the opinion that
>> we have to provide more visibility for it .
> Hear hear. Carefully taking my mentor hat off and hiding it away in a
> corner ... ok, have my potential user's hat on now:
>    That Apps dropdown is the silliest idea I've ever seen on a badly
>    designed web-page in a month of Mondays.
> Whew, that felt good. :)
> Now to put it more diplomatically: users will very likely not expect to
> find interesting top-level links (such as Register, or New Ticket, etc.)
> hidden away inside a dropdown with an obscure name that I've never seen
> anywhere else on the Web. I'll note that Trac follows the common
> convention of exposing these links, and even Bloodhound duplicates
> /most/ of them on the dashboard. Why can I, for example, see Search and
> Create Ticket and Logout and Preferences, but not Register and
> Notifications?
> I think it would be no bad thing if the Apps dropdown just went away.
> -- Brane
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> Branko Čibej
> Director of Subversion | WANdisco |

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