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From Gary Martin <>
Subject i.a.o/bloodhound data as fixture for testing?
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2012 13:12:36 GMT

The work I did yesterday for a basic way of loading and dumping data was 
with the view to helping developers work with more realistic data.

So, before I do anything too rash, would it make sense for us to use the 
database from as a fixture?

Perhaps with the exception of some entries in the permission table, I 
don't think there is anything much that is unavailable through the site 
itself with anonymous permissions so I don't *think* that there would be 
any sensitive data to worry about. It seems worth a sanity check anyway 
to see if I have missed anything.

If that works for everyone, I don't intend to provide attachments as 
part of the fixtures yet. If, for example, you eventually wanted to test 
how the new search components are doing with the searching within 
attachments (assuming that this is something we would want to be able to 
do), this would not yet provide for that. Also, there will clearly be 
actual errors associated with the missing files. Also, I am only likely 
to keep permissions for the anonymous, authenticated and the 'admin' 
user who will get TRAC_ADMIN permissions but that should be fairly easy 
for developers to sort out.

So, any concerns?


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