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From Jure Zitnik <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #296: Enhance ticket header according to repsonsive mockups
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2012 08:24:49 GMT

On 12/12/12 8:21 AM, Peter Koželj wrote:
>> >PS: OTOH , I c Jure has proposed something akin to product
>> >environments while #115 is assigned to me in the issue tracker .
>> >
>> >Have you been working on #115 as part of #288 ? If so , how is the
>> >work started for #288 related to #115 ? I look forward to see your
>> >changes so as to review and compare with my current work on that
>> >direction .
>> >
>> >
> Jure will probably comment on this better then I. AFAIK he was more focused
> on Datamodel-Trac-Plugins backward compatibility for now, and I imagine (or
> hope) this should be inline with product environments. I'll talk to him
> today if I can help you two with multiproducts now that I am more or less
> finished with whitelabeling.

The #115 and #288 are actually complementary. The #288 solves the 
database layer compatibility with trac code and existing plugins, as 
described in, 
what I understood from the #115 description is that it addresses per 
product configuration based on different (per product) .ini files (in 
later stages iiuc this might be stored in the database).

As for the #115, I would suggest that the work being done on that ticket 
is done on the bep-0003 branch I created yesterday. If you look at the 
code, there is a BloodhoundEnvironment class that replaces 
trac.Environment and is a good point to implement the per product 


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