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From Jure Zitnik <>
Subject [BEP-0003] Multiproduct UI/UX
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2012 09:36:10 GMT

Reading BEP-0003 I realized that we have not yet discussed what the user 
interface/experience for the multi-product should actually be. What we 
currently have in the proposal are mostly technical/implementation details.

What I would propose for start is the following:

1. Introduction of global dashboard:
* default page/entry point for the user
* layout could be very similar to the current dashboard with some 
widgets missing (Versions, Milestones, Components for example)
* Search is global, through all products
* Wiki and Ticket quick links are not available
* Custom query and Reports are available (scope is all products)
   * this requires us to support both per-product and global reports
* shows user's tickets - in all products (similar to My Tickets in the 
current dashboard but globally)
* shows active ticket's - in all products (as in the current dashboard 
but globally)
* 'My Products' - list of products user is member of, including quick 
links to tickets&wiki for that specific product
   *  this might for the time of being be list of all products at least 
until we get the per-product permission schemes up
* 'All Products' - list of all products
* Activity tab shows global activity

2. Modification of existing tickets/wiki/custom query/reports pages to 
support per product scope

3. Selecting a product/ticket/wiki/report should change the user 
interface scope to the product of the selected ticket/wiki/report etc.

4. When in product scope, there should be an indicator in the interface 
of the currently active product scope. A mechanism should be put in 
place to change product scope easily.

5. Prerequisite for the above is that all user-created resources 
(tickets, wiki, reports, etc.) have product associated. In turn that 
means we'll need to modify the installation to create the default 
product, modify the upgrade to migrate existing instances to default 
product etc. ... but this is a subject of another discussion thread :)

This is just to kick the conversation off, I'm aware there are lots of 
things I missed (all of the settings section for example,...) ... what 
I'd like after the discussion on the dev list is that we are on the same 
page regarding UI/UX and that we're able to produce a set of user 
interface mockups and update BEP-0003 accordingly...

Best regards,

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