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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: Incubator PMC/Board report for Dec 2012 ([ppmc])
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2012 10:45:54 GMT
On 03/12/12 22:54, Olemis Lang wrote:
> On 12/3/12, Peter Koželj <> wrote:
>> For point 3 ...
> [...]
> btw , will we release a new version in December ?

I am certainly hoping that we will.

>> For point 2, from personal experience, it is not that bad. Setup was fairly
>> straightforward but I did miss some documentation on software
>> design/architecture and such. Actually Trac's are good enough and maybe we
>> should simply point to read-worthy pieces and add some of our own for BH
>> code.
> two suggestions :
> 1. add the wiki page in #139 to i.a.o

It would naturally go in on release of 0.4. I suppose we could have a 
section in the wiki for upcoming documentation or the documentation of 
upcoming features.

> 2. mention the work we started on BEPs as a means to gather
>      community consensus and eventually also being a reference,
>      and documentation of major changes .

So to meet this suggestion I could append something like the following 
to the final paragraph:

Along these lines, the project has added a number of enhancement proposal
pages to the wiki that are intended to reflect the decisions made on the
project's dev mailing list, reducing the need to be aware of all previous
discussion for newcomers.


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