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From Peter Koželj <>
Subject Re: Whitelabeling: Messages
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2012 16:01:54 GMT
On 13 November 2012 16:05, Peter Koželj <> wrote:

> There is a lot of use of the word "Trac" inside various error messages,
> descriptions and user instructions that are shown to the user either
> through web UI or responses in CLI tools. All cases are in the Trac itself.
> There are two groups of messages:
> *** Messages hardcoded in python source ***
> There are over 200 instances of word Trac in python strings. Large portion
> is in docstrings which we can leve as they are.
> A few tens of them are actually strings intended for the uses in
> printouts, error messages, option descriptions and the like.
> Fixing this would be beneficial but is not of a high priority and would
> complicate merging of newer Trac versions quite a bit and at the same time
> this is not something we could push back to Trac project. I'll create a low
> priority ticket for this so that we have it on radar unless there are some
> objections to fixing them at all.

> *** Messages in localization files ***
> There are 70+ localized messages and over 30 localized languages.
> Again, this is not fixable without changing the Trac project. In addition
> to problems with merging (although smaller that with hardcoded messages) we
> would also have to maintain language translations for all supported
> languages. I'll open a low priority ticket for this as well if there are no
> objections.

> *** TracError title ***
> This is actually just on of the cases of a message from localization
> files. Proper solution is not any less messy as for any other message
> (hacked localization files for all languages).  The question is do we want
> to fix it even if we choose not to fix all other localizable messages due
> to higher frequency of use?

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