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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: White-labeling and "detracifying"
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2012 20:53:59 GMT
On 11/6/12, Peter Koželj <> wrote:
> Hi,


> I would need to add some white-labeling support to Bloodhound. At the same
> time I would also use the feature to change or remove some of the Trac
> references throughout the application. The credits to the Trac and relation
> description between Bloodhound and Trac needs to stay but there are
> numerous points where Trac references serve no real purpose but to
> potentially confuse new users. So this is I plan of what I intend to do or
> is at least worth discussing:
> 1. Add ability to rename Bloodhound label in ui by changing configuration
> file (white-labeling equivalent of i18n file) This same configuration would
> be used for replacing Trac references where we would see fit. Personally I
> would only leave the reference to Trac in Apps/About Bloodhound

Why not just sections in trac.ini itself rather than a separate file ?
Having many config files/sources will make things a bit difficult ...
afaics . In the end there should always a way to make such configs fit
into INI file structure .

> 2. Use the configuration for labeling in generated content (email
> notifications) configurable

What are the options available now to get similar things done ?

> 3. Make footer text configurable by the same configuration file

This is possible already by editing trac.ini

footer = Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

afaicr installer script customizes the footer in default installations
, but /me not sure .

> 4. Trac version is referenced on all pages, as already said it should be
> removed or moved to About page. Code wise references to Trac version happen
> on multiple places, sometimes to hardcoded Trac version sometiemes to a
> “calculated” one. We need to fix that.

We need to handle this in a consistent manner . Could you please
mention examples ?

> 5. Various readme files reference Trac as dependencies. This should be
> examined more closely. Given that forked Trac version is bundled with BH it
> seems that any dependencies on Trac as external project are not only
> unnecessary but actually wrong! There is no white labeling features planned
> for this

I thought we were already stating that we distribute a custom copy of
Trac , with references to the exact Trac version (relative to svn
repos) incorporated into vendor branch .

> 6. Plugins Kindly ask all plugin authors to take advantage of the new
> white-labeling configuration file if it exists, offer white-labling feature
> back to Trac.

IMO that request should be addressed to end users ... but maybe I'm
missing something .

> 7. Documentation (wiki) is full of Trac references,

Yes , Trac-devs did the whole thing

> pages themselves
> contain "Trac" in there name and in addition to that many of the links
> contain "Trac" in text as well. And all of this very inconsistent applied.

We envisioned to migrate default wiki pages onto Guide/ folder (see #85)

> But there is an even bigger issue with documentation. With BH gaining new
> features the Trac documentation will be less and less relevant and may even
> become misleading at some point.

If we will evolve together with Trac then for a reasonable time a
relevant % of the Trac guide will be valid .

> I would at least remove "Trac" in links
> until Trac documentation is replaced by Bloodhound documentation
> We could also remove "Trac" from the wiki page names. In fact there is some
> code in bloodhound_dashboard/bhdashboard/
> that implies that somebody was already thinking along that lines. Can
> someone elaborate?

#85 ;)

> 8. Some of the Trac references appear in the names of the tools and
> programming constructs of the Trac itself.
>    These do not need to be white-labeled but it would be nice if we could
> rename them more neutrally. This include:
>   o TRAC_ADMIN premission

Hard to modify as references to this permission name are scattered all
over trac and plugins code .

>   o trac-admin CLI command
>   o cleartracd CLI command


>   o error handling: TracError is displayed in error report that user sees

This one could be «solved» by adding in trac.core something like


class NewNameError(Exception):
    ... TracError code

TracError = NewNameError




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