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From Peter Koželj <>
Subject Re: Making Bloodhound's layout responsive [ticket #217]
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 11:53:37 GMT

I welcome the idea of supporting mobile devices, it could definitely be one
of the differentiators.
At first glance it seems like it could work for desktop vs. tablet but for
phones, I would need to see it in action.

What I am a little worried is that the UI design would be driven by
implementing technology (what Bootstrap allows or makes easy).
It should be a direct opposite. We need to think outside the box and come
up with optimal designs for each device and only
then evaluate how to implement that. Be it by different Genshi templates or
Bootstrap's responsive layouts or something else entirely... (If this step
was already done, and this discussion is already a result of that
I apologize by being new at the project).

Can we afford to invest into experimental "ticket_for_smartphone" page
using this layout to see how it performs? Or at least create a HTML mockups
for each device type and see how they behave on actual devices?

Or how the Bootstrap's responsive layout documentation puts it: "Use media
queries responsibly and only as a start to your mobile audiences. For
larger projects, do consider dedicated code bases and not layers of media


On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 7:12 PM, Joachim Dreimann <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I believe we should make Bloodhound responsive to better suit mobile and
> tablet devices. Bootstrap, which we have already adopted, gives us great
> tools to do this<
> Smartphone and tablet growth is still exponential, this will become ever
> more important as time passes and Bloodhound picks up in popularity. Also a
> responsive layout may help differentiate us from other issue tracking
> software.
> This will be a long term project, and I believe we should track progress
> towards it in a 'Responsive layout' milestone outside of the normal release
> cycle. I also believe we should treat the responsive layout as a 'beta'
> even as the product itself matures, to allow us to break it down into ever
> smaller tasks to better suit our way of working. The improvements, even if
> only for parts of any given page, can then be rolled out with each new
> release, working towards the full conversion.
> My suggestion is to enable it using an opt-in mechanism in the Admin
> settings of any Bloodhound deployment, showing a clear 'Responsive layout
> beta' banner at the top of pages where the responsive stylesheet is in use.
> Responsive Ticket view
> mockup<
> >
> I have raised ticket #217
> <>to reflect this
> suggestion.
> Cheers,
> Joe
> On 3 October 2012 17:43, Apache Bloodhound <
>> wrote:
> > #217: Make Bloodhound's layout responsive
> >
> -------------------------------------------------+-------------------------
> >  Reporter:  jdreimann                            |      Owner:  nobody
> >      Type:  enhancement                          |     Status:  new
> >  Priority:  major                                |  Milestone:
> > Component:  ui design                            |    Version:
> >  Keywords:  ui, responsive, bootstrap, mobile,   |
> >   tablet, desktop                                |
> >
> -------------------------------------------------+-------------------------
> >  I believe we should utilise Bootstrap's
> >  [ great
> >  tools for responsive layouts] to make Bloodhound fully responsive to
> make
> >  it display better on mobile phone and tablet type devices.
> >
> >  This will likely be a very big, long term project, and as such I believe
> >  we need to make a conscious effort to make it more manageable by keeping
> >  it in a 'beta' state even while Bloodhound itself matures, more on that
> in
> >  the following tickets:
> >  - Add responsive layout beta opt-in as an Admin setting
> >  - Show 'Responsive layout beta' at the top of relevant pages
> >
> >  I also believe we should track this in an unscheduled Milestone
> >  independent of our normal release process.
> >
> > --
> > Ticket URL: <>
> > Apache Bloodhound <>
> > The Apache Bloodhound (incubating) issue tracker
> >

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