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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Making Bloodhound's layout responsive [ticket #217]
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2012 18:06:01 GMT
On 10/3/12, Joachim Dreimann <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,


> I believe we should make Bloodhound responsive to better suit mobile and
> tablet devices. Bootstrap, which we have already adopted, gives us great
> tools to do
> this<>.
> Smartphone and tablet growth is still exponential, this will become ever
> more important as time passes and Bloodhound picks up in popularity. Also a
> responsive layout may help differentiate us from other issue tracking
> software.

yeah !
huge thoughts ...

> This will be a long term project, and I believe we should track progress
> towards it in a 'Responsive layout' milestone outside of the normal release
> cycle.


> I also believe we should treat the responsive layout as a 'beta'
> even as the product itself matures, to allow us to break it down into ever
> smaller tasks to better suit our way of working. The improvements, even if
> only for parts of any given page, can then be rolled out with each new
> release, working towards the full conversion.


> My suggestion is to enable it using an opt-in mechanism in the Admin
> settings of any Bloodhound deployment, showing a clear 'Responsive layout
> beta' banner at the top of pages where the responsive stylesheet is in use.

There's a suggestion about how this could be done ... **IF** a generic
translation is possible at stream filters level .

> Responsive Ticket view
> mockup<>

hey !
looking good .
is .bmml file available somewhere ? should be in ASF repos ?




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