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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: dashboard ticket query ordering
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 16:31:44 GMT
On 10/5/12, Gary Martin <> wrote:
> Clearly the
> original reasoning would suggest that it would be chronologically or
> alphabetically, of which I would prefer to use due-date.


> So, something like the following would propably do the job for the
> two queries on the top level dashboard (swaps "group=time" for
> "group=milestone" and dropping "groupdesc=1" from both):

I checked that and it's working ok for me .

> We would not be able to show the due-date of the milestone at the moment
> and so the milestone name would appear in place of the date on the left
> hand side. Would this be a problem for anyone?

... at the moment I state that it's better to get the 90% of it than nothing ;)

If due dates are good to have then we can cheat a little and display
milestone name (due date) when that fields is used to form ticket
groups . In order to get this done we should modify Trac core in a way
similar to what we did before for datetime fields .



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