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From Joe Dreimann <>
Subject Re: Request for suggestions related to drop zone effects (show/hide overlay)
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2012 07:17:59 GMT
Just a comment on this: I believe the drop zone should be highlighted whenever a user drags
a document into the browser window, not just when she's over the drop zone. Otherwise, how
do you know where to drop the file?
The drop zone may change to also indicate when the file is currently within it's borders,
but that's less important.

Apologies if I've just repeated something was already clear before.

- Joe

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On 23 Oct 2012, at 02:04, Olemis Lang <> wrote:

> Hi !
> In the last few days I've been building an advanced (multi-file , DnD) attach form for
Apache™ Bloodhound project [1]_ powered by jQuery-File-Upload plugin since it's very similar
to pre-existing mockups [2]_ .
> I've been able to customize web UI via javascript templates , and added a drop zone [3]_
(/me dragging some files in there ;) , but I'm facing some problems . The idea is that light
blue overlay will be only shown when files are dragged over the drop zone . Using dragover
+ drop events I am able to display the overlay at the right time and make it disappear when
files are dropped and added to uploads list . Nonetheless I see no events to make it disappear
once mouse is not over drop zone surface and when drag op is canceled .
> Do you have any recommendations to get this done ? Am I missing some jQFU event listener
that might help ? 
> Any feedback will be much appreciated . If this subject is OT in this list then please
reply to project ML in Cc ( i.e. ) or add a comment in
ticket page [1]_ , whatever you think is more appropriate .
> Thanks in advance !
> .. [1] Attach file form à la GMail
>         (
> .. [2] Attach form mockups
>         (
> .. [3] Drag and drop zone
>         (

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