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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #187: Remove row count and results pagination from Dashboard
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 13:45:53 GMT
On 9/19/12, Gary Martin <> wrote:
> On 19/09/12 19:38, Olemis Lang wrote:
>> On 9/19/12, Gary Martin <> wrote:
>>> Interesting. In that case, I will suggest that we always attach patches
>>> to tickets and refer to them as you have done here. For the smallest of
>>> patches, you can also choose to paste the text directly into an email -
>>> or indeed into a ticket comment as I did recently for #204. I will put
>>> this into a wiki page shortly.
>>> As for the patch, it looks like good work to me. Unless anyone else
>>> notices any problems I expect to commit it a bit later tonight.
>> hmmm ... I'm hoping any of my previous comments be considered . IMO we
>> shall not remove pagination . AFAICR there's an option for that ...
>> AFAICR in #80 I submitted a patch (... pending or already committed I
>> don't recall now ...) adding options to render Bootstrap pagination in
>> reports web page and built-in smaller pagination in widgets
>> (considering Joachim's suggestion ;) . Maybe we can follow a bit
>> further and parameterize page index visibility in query and report
>> widgets on top of the work made in there ...
> Well, it is entirely possible that I have missed the scope over which
> these changes apply. Do we have widgets where a change of page updates
> the content of the widget itself?

so far we don't . But I was considering this to be the case in the
future . That's why I parameterized pagination template to use in
widget_grid.html . I have to review that patch for further details .
But in general I recall I added a variable containing pagination
template name and render it somehow like

<xi:include href="$pagination_template" />

the following cases (and many more) would be possible

1. legacy small pagination (page_index.html)
2. Bootstrap pagination (bh_page_index.html)
3. In the near future use paginator for AJAX updates

... IMO we should be updating that patch and update include tag
somehow like this

<xi:include href="$pagination_template" py:if="pagination_template" />

omitting that value when rendering widget_grid.html will remove it .
But IMO patches for #80 should be at least reviewed and perhaps
committed . There's another feature added in there as well and it is
that pagination is moved to the bottom , among other things I don't
quite recall now without reviewing it once again


> If this is the case, I would expect to
> keep the pagination. If it is not the case, I would not expect us to
> enhance the widgets to do that quite yet and so I would consider
> removing the pagination, reverting once there is the need again (code is
> never really lost after all). On the other hand, perhaps there is some
> use for pagination that I have not considered.

yes , we may remove pagination for now , and that's ok for dashboard .
I personally prefer to add an option to the widget and propagate that
value until it gets to the right Genshi template , because widget may
be used in other contexts as well , and template is reused to render
other data , not just reports , queries ... but any tabular data . So

> Whichever way these things turn out, I will delay applying the patch for
> the moment to investigate further.

Thanks . But I'll say that work is on the right track . It's obvious
that the whole idea of widgets and interactions with templates has
been understood .



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