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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #187: Remove row count and results pagination from Dashboard
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2012 17:58:18 GMT
On 9/19/12, Joachim Dreimann <> wrote:
> I agree with displaying the total number - the More link could show "32
> More" for example to indicate how many more tickets there will be.
> Alternatively we could show something like:
> More  42 Total

This was implemented before and removed . Before a label like «Results
34 - 46 of 256» was displayed , because , if you notice (in general)
grid template and widgets may display a page different from the first
page and number of rows may be specified as a param as well .

If u ask me I'd rather prefer that label we removed once upon a time ...

There should be some old screenshot in the issue tracker or in my
Google+ albums (<= more probable in the later ;) illustrating this .
Somewhere after a request posted somewhere ... it was removed .

> I believe we should always show the more link though, not just
> conditionally. It stands not just for 'more tickets', but also represents
> 'more query options', 'more filtering' etc - functionality that we may not
> want to duplicate on the Dashboard, and at least won't in the short term.

oh ! we agree then , as I mentioned in previous message



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