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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: [Trac] validation in a regulatory environment
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2012 21:49:51 GMT
On 9/7/12, jules <> wrote:
> Hi folks,

Hi !

I'm replying to bloodhound-dev mailing list because this is an
interesting subject I've been hearing quite often and maybe it's
something we should care about to make Bloodhound be an outstanding
option in these scenarios . This means that I do not include trac-dev
ML in Cc list because all this may be OT in that context . If I'm
wrong please tell me and I forward this message there as well .

I send a copy to the OP as an invitation to follow the discussion ( )

> I was wondering if there was any group out there that has validated trac
> for use in a regulated environment?
>My company has been using trac for the
> last few years for defect tracking workflow, but we're applying to be a
> class 1 medical device and have to validate all of our internal software.

What exactly are the standards , validations , ... regulating those
applications .

> Just wondering if anyone out there has done it or did they have to migrate
> their ticketing system to something else.

As far as I know there's no such certification issued to use Trac or
any derivative work mainly because Trac is a actually not just the
core but also a set of plugins and hacks .

The second axis of related complexity is time ... Trac & plugins
evolve . Even if Trac has a well defined release schedule , most
plugins don't , and keep track of plugin trunk is a hard task when it
comes to this matter .

So I guess it'd be necessary to validate the core plus plugins
installed in your site. Otherwise a distribution like Apache™
Bloodhound could be offered and certified as a whole as it is just
that : Trac core + selected plugins sliced at a given revision ,
adapted and improved for a particular purpose.

Even if this involves some complexity this would be nice to have ...
if not in Trac itself , at least that's something we shall pay
attention in Apache™ Bloodhound ... IMO

CMIIW anyway . I'm not an expert but I exposed these ideas based on my
previous experience .



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