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From Joachim Dreimann <>
Subject Re: #187: Remove row count and results pagination from Dashboard (Was: Re: Trying to get started on Bloodhound development)
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2012 08:54:14 GMT

welcome to the project!

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the UI philosophy, I spent some time on this
in the past and would be more than happy to extend the documentation where it falls short
and answer any of your questions.

You can find the initial Email thread discussing the topic in the mailing list archives, called
Bloodhound UI basics and started on Tue, 31 Jan, 14, 17:07 and continues in on February 1st.

There is also a UI section in the Bloodhound Wiki.


On 18 Sep 2012, at 07:32, Peter Koželj <> wrote:

> I will have a look, it sounds as a good place to start.
> While trying to reproduce this, I also wrote down some of
> the peculiarities that I observed as a new Bloodhound user. I'll post them
> to the list when I get a grasp of UI philosophy and project itself.
> Peter
> On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 2:09 PM, Gary Martin <>wrote:
>> Peter,
>> So, it does seem a little difficult to scan for suitable tickets. I
>> imagine that**bloodhound/ticket/187<>should
be pretty straight forward and would give you a vague look at the
>> genshi template language if you are interested in that.
>>   #187: Remove row count and results pagination from Dashboard
>>   ..because 'More' buttons exist for both the 'My tickets' and 'Active
>>   Tickets' sections, and the pagination links on Active Tickets only link
>> to
>>   the same Custom Query anyway.
>> Essentially this relates to these kind of views:
>> ***bloodhound/dashboard<>
>> ***bloodhound/milestone/Release%**202<>
>> At the moment these show pagination but only link to query pages rather
>> than changing the view in place, as might be implied. I do not think that
>> we are proposing at the moment that we would see anything more than a few
>> tickets. Unless anyone else knows something different of course.
>> Cheers,
>>    Gary
>> On 09/17/2012 12:05 PM, Gary Martin wrote:
>>> Hi Peter,
>>> That is fantastic... thanks for pointing out that this is confusing! It
>>> looks like a point that is definitely worth clearing up. As you found, some
>>> of the code appears in that location but the Bloodhound and Trac code
>>> itself will be available in directories alongside the installer directory.
>>> Does this help?
>>> I'll have a look through the existing tickets and try to work out some
>>> good tickets for you and other new starters as soon as possible.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Gary
>>> On 09/17/2012 11:52 AM, Peter Koželj wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I am looking to join the Bloodhound community to help out.
>>>> For now I am doing some digging around installation-running-code
>>>> changes-deploy cycle.
>>>> When following the
>>>> found a bit of inconsistency between the document and my results trying
>>>> to
>>>> follow it. It suggests that the source is placed in
>>>> installer/bloodhound/src where it can be tweaked with.
>>>> In my case, I only get source for external modules but not for the
>>>> Bloodhound itself. Probably just a missinformation in document or am I
>>>> doing something wrong?
>>>> Also, If you have some beginner's task at hand that could be a side
>>>> product
>>>> of my Bloodhound explorations, let me know.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Peter

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