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From Nick Burch <>
Subject Unable to install bloodhound from svn, pip install fails
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 22:44:18 GMT
Hi All

I would have reported this in the issue tracker, but having signed up for 
an account and verified my email address, I don't have TICKET_CREATE privs 
so I can't :/

I'm trying to follow the Bloodhound Install wiki page[1], against the 
latest version of Bloodhound from SVN. Against a fresh checkout, I 
followed the steps:

   cd bloodhound/installer
   virtualenv bloodhound
   source ./bloodhound/bin/activate
   pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

Unforuanately, the pip step failed, the last few lines are:

Checking out to 
svn: E160013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL 
svn: E160013: '' path 
not found
   Complete output from command /usr/bin/svn checkout -q 

Command /usr/bin/svn checkout -q 
/data/issues/bloodhound/installer/bloodhound/src/tracaccountmanager failed 
with error code 1 in None

Is this a known problem? Should this really be a fatal problem, or could 
the installer instead skip over it if unavailable? Could either the 
installer or the docs provide some more help about what to do in the event 
of problems? And is there a workaround for now?



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