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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #156: Local copy of bloodhound part of Apache repo for browse functionality
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 09:01:36 GMT
On 08/09/2012 06:52 AM, Greg Stein wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 1:27 AM, Olemis Lang <> wrote:
>> ...
>> Well . I don't know if I understood correctly , so it's not clear to
>> me whether we will have git or svn repository after all this . In case
> We'll have a copy of the primary ASF repository (ie. .../repos/asf/...).
> My comments regarding Git repositories were for the Allura people. For
> Bloodhound to be fully usable at the ASF, we'll want Git support at
> some point, but that can certainly wait.
> (on that note, the new Apache Steve TLP (no web site yet; small group
> to do STV voting tools) is pondering asking whether they could use BH,
> and whether this community would support that)

That would certainly be cool with me. Hopefully we will get updated soon to demonstrate how we 
are doing. Perhaps that would make it easier for Apache Steve to decide. 
There are things that would be nice for us to improve on but, as far as 
I can tell, we have not stopped from being a usable system. Anyway, 
anything that drives additional feedback would be fantastic.

>> we are talking of git , the only thing I wanted to mention is that
>> there are some (performance) issues regarding git support in Trac .
> No worries. Something for another day.

Yes, interesting that. I will look into it soon I hope. Thanks for the 
heads up, Olemis.


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