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From Gary Martin <>
Subject moving towards initial release
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2012 09:06:46 GMT

I think it is about time that we move properly towards creating an 
initial release for the Apache Bloodhound project. Some of you may have 
noticed that I have created new milestones and I have slowly been moving 
tickets around to indicate things that might happen in future releases. 
Bloodhound is evolving nicely and, while there are many things that need 
to happen before we are close to a fully polished system, I believe that 
it remains functional and usable.

Anyway, as a fundamental part of a release is that it consists of the 
necessary source to build the project, we need to make sure that our 
installer is fit for the task of installing in that form, or, at least, 
we give adequate instructions for how the project is built without using 
the simple installer. Either way, changes to the installer should be 

There are going to be lots of other criteria for making sure that we get 
a valid release from Apache's point of view so it will be good to get 
them understood and covered as soon as possible. Any advice would be 
great. It will probably help for us to have a set of standard tickets 
that we can use to track our progress that can be replicated for future 


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