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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #77: Wrong version of bootstrap in dashboard plugins
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2012 13:06:19 GMT

Based on my quick examination of the problem, I think that we can 
probably revert to using the unmodified bootstrap with a small change in 
the way we specify any button bars (setting the data-toggle attribute on 
the DIV.btn-group instead of DIV.btn-toolbar - see


On 06/13/2012 07:16 PM, Gary Martin wrote:
> Looking again, I spotted that this was discussed in 
> - I have not fully 
> examined the reasons for the patch and whether we should forward the 
> patch to bootstrap but that still leaves us with the discrepancy.
> So, is the change really required? Can we revert to the unmodified 
> bootstrap and adjust our approach?
> If the change is required, is it overkill to create a vendor branch so 
> that we can keep track of the limited changes?
> Cheers,
>     Gary
> On 06/13/2012 01:33 PM, Gary Martin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am about to start committing the patches that Olemis provided for 
>> but as there are 
>> apparently differences creeping in between the vanilla bootstrap code 
>> and our version, it might be worth discussing here.
>> I don't think that this needs to delay work on the original ticket 
>> and any required changes can be raised as new tickets.
>> Cheers,
>>     Gary
>> On 06/13/2012 01:24 PM, Apache Bloodhound wrote:
>>> #77: Wrong version of bootstrap in dashboard plugins
>>> ------------------------+-------------------------------------
>>>    Reporter:  gjm        |      Owner:  olemis
>>>        Type:  defect     |     Status:  accepted
>>>    Priority:  critical   |  Milestone:  RC1 for initial release
>>>   Component:  dashboard  |    Version:
>>> Resolution:             |   Keywords:
>>> ------------------------+-------------------------------------
>>> Comment (by gjm):
>>>   Interesting. It is good that the radio behaviour for buttons 
>>> problem was
>>>   pointed out as it highlights another aspect of how I am not sure 
>>> things
>>>   are quite being done right.
>>>   In particular, I would prefer that we did not have any custom 
>>> changes to
>>>   bootstrap of any kind so that there is a lower chance of making a 
>>> mistake
>>>   on each upgrade of bootstrap. If it turns out that custom changes are
>>>   unavoidable, I would probably go with the vendor branch approach 
>>> so that
>>>   it is easier to spot how our copy of bootstrap is patched.
>>>   In the meantime I will probably commit the patches from Olemis in the
>>>   current form and we can raise new tickets to deal with any resulting
>>>   issues.

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