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From Joachim Dreimann <>
Subject Re: Layout suggestion - affects Dashboard, Product, Version, Milestone
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2012 18:03:23 GMT
I think in place editing is a good suggestion. I've raise a ticket to
explore that further.

 I'll pick it up next week if there are no other volunteers.

- Joe

On 13 April 2012 16:36, Gary <> wrote:
> Thanks for that Joe..
> Well, the only obvious alternatives to a modal view that I can think of at
> short notice would be:
>  * change to the edit/add/list page
>  * in-place editing and adding (add could create an empty placeholder
>   for a new version/milestone)
>  * list view could work more like a dropdown list
> I can't comment on whether any of those ideas are better of course.. just
> throwing stuff in to see if it is of any use!
> Cheers,
>    Gary
> On 04/12/2012 03:38 PM, Joachim Dreimann wrote:
>> I've got a suggestion to improve the layout I've previously drawn up
>> for Dashboard, Product, Version and Milestone pages.
>> Until now these pages had a Title (name of the product/version/etc), a
>> status, description, and then a button bar to show further detail:
>> Version | My Tickets | All Tickets | Projects | Components
>> Only one button would be selected at a time, and show only one piece
>> of information, for example the Tickets the user has relating to the
>> product/version/etc.
>> I believe it would be quicker to navigate and easier to use if all of
>> these are shown at the same time:
>> This would then provide further links to edit/add items and view a
>> full list. Currently my suggestion is to use a modal overlay for these
>> via the icons provided, but I'm well aware of the downsides of modals
>> and would be grateful for better suggestions!
>> Also on Product/Version screens only high importance tickets would be
>> shown by default, while on the Dashboard and Milestone views tickets
>> of all priority levels would be shown.
>> What do you all think?
>> - Joe
>> PS: This is only implemented on the Product view so far. Others will
>> follow if the feedback is mostly positive.

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