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From Joachim Dreimann <>
Subject Layout suggestion - affects Dashboard, Product, Version, Milestone
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2012 14:38:36 GMT
I've got a suggestion to improve the layout I've previously drawn up
for Dashboard, Product, Version and Milestone pages.

Until now these pages had a Title (name of the product/version/etc), a
status, description, and then a button bar to show further detail:
Version | My Tickets | All Tickets | Projects | Components

Only one button would be selected at a time, and show only one piece
of information, for example the Tickets the user has relating to the
I believe it would be quicker to navigate and easier to use if all of
these are shown at the same time:

This would then provide further links to edit/add items and view a
full list. Currently my suggestion is to use a modal overlay for these
via the icons provided, but I'm well aware of the downsides of modals
and would be grateful for better suggestions!

Also on Product/Version screens only high importance tickets would be
shown by default, while on the Dashboard and Milestone views tickets
of all priority levels would be shown.

What do you all think?

- Joe

PS: This is only implemented on the Product view so far. Others will
follow if the feedback is mostly positive.

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