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From Gary <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #39: Disable old Trac CSS files
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 18:20:26 GMT
Hi Joe,

With a quick bit of playing around with some code, I think I found a way 
to do the job programmatically. This could be good if we want this to be 
permanent for the bloodhound theme (i.e. leaving core trac alone). Does 
this sound sensible to everyone?

I left the code suggestion in the for the 
implementer to consider.


On 04/20/2012 04:40 PM, Joachim Dreimann wrote:
> Hello all,
> We've been making steady progress on applying the Bootstrap styles to
> Bloodhound (today I've commited r1328362 for the Activity feed), but
> I'd like to propose a somewhat bolder next step:
> Disable all the old Trac css files.
> I've raised the ticket (see below) to describe it a little further.
> The current stylesheets seem inconsistent in their approach and don't
> follow current best practices (many styles are applied by ID).
> As a general strategy I suggest we should try and use bootstrap.css
> for all styles wherever reasonable, and only have one other styling
> file for now: bloodhound.css
> This is only for things to which the correct Bootstrap classes haven't
> been applied yet. While it will grow in the short term to accomodate
> for stuff that will break when we disable the old trac css files, in
> the medium term it should shrink to the bare minimum of things that
> really wouldn't fit Bootstrap styles.
> - Joe
> On 20 April 2012 16:13, Apache Bloodhound
> <>  wrote:
>> #39: Disable old Trac CSS files
>> -----------------------+-------------------------------------
>>   Reporter:  jdreimann  |      Owner:  nobody
>>      Type:  task       |     Status:  new
>>   Priority:  critical   |  Milestone:  RC1 for initial release
>> Component:  ui design  |    Version:
>>   Keywords:             |
>> -----------------------+-------------------------------------
>>   Trac used a lot of different css files to apply different styles to parts
>>   of the interface. In order to make the migration to Bootstrap a little
>>   easier I propose that we disable these - either by renaming, deleting or
>>   overwriting (with<null>) these files:
>>   It would then be more obvious what we still have to adapt to the new
>>   style. I have done this locally and found it very useful.
>> --
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