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From Gary <>
Subject Re: testing installation
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2012 17:33:24 GMT
Fantastic :)

Are there any improvements that could be made to the documentation? I 
would like to try to keep to a single core installation page if possible 
but only if it can remain clear when covering options.

A quick search about OS X 10.7 suggests that it might already have 
python 2.7.1 and so probably already has setuptools installed. Perhaps 
the beginning does not encourage people enough to check what they 
already have installed..

Did you take it any further than running with tracd? I guess others will 
know whether it is easy to get Apache installed on OS X.


On 04/13/2012 05:57 PM, Joachim Dreimann wrote:
> I've tested the installation today on OS X 10.7 - worked a treat.
> Initially I didn't quite follow the instructions and I have to admit
> that I'm quite unfamiliar with the command line, but the installation
> went smooth otherwise.
> - Joe
> On 11 April 2012 19:14, Gary<>  wrote:
>> While I am on the subject of installation, would anyone else like to check
>> that my instructions make enough sense?
>> They are probably a bit too Ubuntu-centric and so if anyone wants to improve
>> the documentation for other systems, that would be fantastic.
>> Cheers,
>>     Gary

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