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From Jim Callahan <>
Subject Re: Bloodhound thoughts
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 00:31:29 GMT

+1 bootstrap
+1 breadcrumbs bundled

+1 (or more) for better multi-Trac support

I really like th idea of the widget-style dashboard elements. Making them
part of the macro system is a great idea.


On 2/19/12 5:43 PM, "Robert Rose" <> wrote:

>Hey all, I was googling around yesterday to see if anyone else was
>working on a trac fork and discovered bloodhound.  I've always found
>it frustrating that the out-of-box experience with trac sucks.  To get
>trac up to where other issue management systems are you need to do a
>fair bit of configuration and play around with some plugins.  Not to
>mention the UI looks like it came from the 90s, so most
>newer-generation folks are immediately put off by it.  If you grade
>solely on the out-of-box experience, other systems like JIRA win
>against trac.  This is unfortunate because trac's extensibility and
>simplicity (in my opinion anyways) make it a better long-term choice
>for issue management.
>Anyways I'm glad others are actively rethinking these aspects of trac.
> Before I did my googling yesterday I was playing around with a
>bootstrap reskin for trac (hacking directly on the genshi templates),
>so I'm especially delighted that you've chosen bootstrap.  I haven't
>caught up on all of the email archive yet, but I have a few thoughts I
>wanted to share, so I apologize in advance if these were already
> * bootstrap +1
> * Can email2trac be bundled out-of-box?
> * Can the breadcrumbs plugin be bundled out-of-box?
> * I would love it if one of the child / master ticket plugins was
>included out of box, but rendered in the UI in a clean way
> * Review of historical ticket data is an essential part of our
>project management method.  We have scripts that mine trac for
>historical data and plot it using the google charts API.  Tickets are
>plotted by state over time, ticket "velocity" (the rates at which they
>move through states), etc.  It would be great if this was just part of
>trac and available as a wiki macro.
> * I like the dashboard/activity views that have been shared but I'm
>not clear if these are supposed to be new pages, or new functionality
>available as wiki macros?  I make a lot of dashboards using trac and
>wiki macro queries, it would be nice if these dashboards you're making
>were customizable using the same mechanism... can they just be wiki
>pages themselves?
> * What's the multiple project strategy?  We use trac to host multiple
>projects on the same server just using apache redirect rules and the
>intertrac plugin.  It works very well, but is not easy to
>setup/maintain.  Would be nice if this was just done for you.

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