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From Joachim Dreimann <>
Subject Bloodhound UI basics
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2012 17:07:23 GMT
Hello all,

I've spent about two weeks coming up with a general idea of how to
improve the UI for the first release of Bloodhound.

I'm really looking for feedback here on the direction this should go.
My thoughts so far are:

1. Search should play a major role in navigation.
2. Content should be shown in a pane larger than half the screen width
on the left.
3. Activity relating to the content is shown on the remaining width on the right
    (this is essentially Trac's timeline feature with context-specific
filters applied).
4. The minimum width we should design for is 1024px,
     because that covers every device down to small tablets in
landscape mode (including the 7" Kindle Fire).
5. It should be possible to create tickets everywhere without leaving
the current page.

That may look something like this:

I'm trying to stick to three basic principles in all design decisions:
* Next steps are obvious.
* Bloodhound values users time.
* Users decide what's important.

The basic page setup would stay consistent throughout all of the
Ticket system in Bloodhound. The Wiki and Source browser won't benefit
so much from the Activity stream, in fact they both already have good
methods to deal with that type of information.

What do you all think?

- Joe

Mockup files here (these will be updated regularly:

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