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From Gary <>
Subject Re: Project Status
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2012 01:08:11 GMT
Hi Jeremy,

> 	I was hoping to get some information on how things were coming with the project.  Seeing
as I just joined these mailing lists, I figured this was a much better way to get started
than the typical "Testing" email.

Thank you very much for your interest. It comes at a very good time 
because there should be much to discuss shortly.

As I think Olemis mentions, he has been involved in looking at creating 
a Bloodhound theme based on an early mock-up. Another aspect of that 
mock-up was a dashboard view. I believe Olemis has also been putting 
some work into checking the feasibility of such a view in a plugin. I 
hope that he will be able to show some of the results of these efforts soon.

We have also arranged for the ability to run our own instance of Trac 
(which will, of course, subsequently transition to Bloodhound) as part 
of our Apache site. The basic work to get that going is pretty much 
complete and so we will soon be able to use that to help document our work.

Anyway, I hope that is enough for now. As I have been looking closely at 
various aspects of project structure and multi-project, I will need to 
bring these ideas here to get some feedback. I will see if I can begin 
that conversation properly tomorrow.


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