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From "Apache Bloodhound" <>
Subject [Apache Bloodhound] Proposals/BEP-0004 modified
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2012 09:59:58 GMT
Page "Proposals/BEP-0004" was changed by andrej
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Revision 12
Comment: add anchors for implementation steps and prototype chapters
Index: Proposals/BEP-0004
--- Proposals/BEP-0004 (version: 11)
+++ Proposals/BEP-0004 (version: 12)
@@ -84,12 +84,12 @@
 == Proposal #proposal
-=== Implementation steps
+=== Implementation steps #steps
 We can start with small step by implementing search box functionality similar to trac:wiki:AdvancedSearch
and then add support for query, wiki macro and query builder/wizard.
 A new plugin bloodhound-search will be introduced. The plugin architecture should support
possibility to plug different backends e.g. Whoosh, Lucen etc and custom resources.
-The first prototype phase will provide the following functionality:
+The first prototype phase will provide the following functionality: #prototype
  * introduce new plugin bloodhound_query
  * Indexing for tickets and wiki resources
  * use Whoosh as default search platform

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