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From sahil aggarwal <>
Subject Build on Debian Wheezy/Jessie
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2017 06:58:56 GMT

Bigtop currently support build for Jessie but not for Wheezy. While i was
trying to build hbase for wheezy and installing the toolchain, i found that
some package was breaking the package dependency chain.

The culprit seems to be protobuf-2.5 installation which is done by
installing Ubuntu deb on Debian.  While it works for Jessie it breaks for
wheezy. Removing it from the toolchain installed the toolchain successfully
and build worked fine.


* If protobuf-2.5 is not available on wheezy/jessie shouldn't we just build
and install it from the source when its so trivial instead of installing
cross dist deb ?

PS: Tested the hbase and hadoop build on wheezy.


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