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From <>
Subject new bigtop website
Date Mon, 16 May 2016 20:12:11 GMT
Hello Bigtoppers,


During some downtime I rekindled the effort for new site for the project.  I
based the initial design on ideas flushed out mid/late last year and
borrowing from the bigtop flyer we have been using the past 12+ months at
various events, as well as the workshop site/content I setup for some past
conference related events.  As such, the content is all in flux, including
menu at top, this is meant to get the ball rolling


Initial rev of design and homepage mock can be found here:


It is currently setup as a github pages project.  Given some feedback on the
list ways back with asf supporting it, and the great tooling around Jekyll,
figured it was easiest for my dev and collaboration efforts.  As we get
things finalized we can decide how the group wants to manage/host the new


I am keeping notes that anyone who is interested in helping on content can
add to:


Most important I feel will be the Getting Started content which should fill
in the average user(s) to carry out a lot of common tasks, centralizing the


I will update the old jira item with relevant content updates and we can use
that for tracking the finer details and delivery.  The rest of this week
will be some minor tweaks to design and fixing some cross browser and mobile
related layout issues (mobile friendly on day 1 is the goal), as well as
starting to flush out the template/framework for getting started content

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