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From <>
Subject adding new deployment metadata files to bigtop
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2016 00:31:57 GMT
Hello bigtoppers,


Our org has been leveraging bigtop with our consulting work the past couple
years, primarily focused on deploying/managing clustered services using the
bigtop puppet modules.  We typically will pull periodic updates and merge in
latest bigtop puppet changes with our version.  Recently we have had couple
customer and community inquires interested in using bigtop to start to play
with various builds and component versions, having us integrate our
deployment stuff.  We are initially going to maintain fork of bigtop to get
the ball rolling on a couple projects, but are interested in adding some
base set of our meta files to bigtop so people don't have to come to us for
our fork, instead just maintain and use vanilla apache bigtop.


The files we would like to contribute and maintain could be considered akin
to a vagrant or docker compose file, but instead of describing single
node/image, it describes a distributed service/cluster that can run any
number of services, leveraging the puppet modules for configuration.


Here is partial reference description for a spark service:


We are going to start prototyping in the next week or two, looking at a file
or two in the root folder, then probably unique folder in the root that can
house various service meta descriptions so people can just use off the shelf
without having to know details or write their own by default.  In general
the files are just text/yaml files, and will have no disruption to existing


In meantime until we have something tangible, wanted to start the
conversation for community to provide any questions/feedback/etc about
approach of including a base set of service meta files



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