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From Carsten Maul <>
Subject Re: Dependency cycle issue during puppet deployment
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2015 06:54:25 GMT
Hi Cos,

I am running debian 8 (jessie) stock puppet 3.7.2.

After your post I tested a deploy with Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS Server. I am getting even more puppet
errors. For example, under my ubuntu test system it can not find the is_bool function.
Under Ubuntu I installed:
sudo apt-get install puppet puppet-module-puppetlabs-stdlib puppet-module-puppetlabs-apt
The installed puppet version under Ubuntu is 3.4.3.

I am starting puppet from /opt/bigtop directory like this:
puppet apply -d --modulepath=bigtop-deploy/puppet/modules:/usr/share/puppet/modules bigtop-deploy/puppet/manifests/site.pp

The Error under Ubuntu:
Error: Unknown function is_bool at /opt/bigtop/bigtop-deploy/puppet/manifests/site.pp:75 on
node ubuntu140403lts.localdomain

I really don´t understand all the puppet problems. is_bool is part of the stdlib, so why
is it unknown?

sudo puppet module list
/etc/puppet/modules (no modules installed)
├── puppetlabs-apt (v1.4.0)
└── puppetlabs-stdlib (v4.1.0)

Any suggestions? Puppet seems to be like Chucky the puppet to me in the moment...

Kind regards


> Am 08.12.2015 um 19:23 schrieb Konstantin Boudnik <>:
> What Puppet are you on? The reason I am asking is because I personally do the
> deployment on Ubuntu all the time (not with Vagrant, but just by running
> puppet apply) and it works like a charm.
> Thanks,
>  Cos
> On Tue, Dec 08, 2015 at 04:43PM, Carsten Maul wrote:
>> Hi,
>> if I do a bigtop deployment via puppet I get an dependency cycle for apt_update:
>> Error: Could not apply complete catalog: Found 1 dependency cycle:
>> (Anchor[apt::source::Bigtop] => Apt::Source[Bigtop] => Exec[apt_update] =>
Class[Apt::Update] => Anchor[apt::source::Bigtop])
>> The origin of the dependency deployment is the file bigtop-deploy/puppet/manifests/site.pp,
line 57, which belongs to a code block that is responsible to add the bigtop repository to
>> Apt::Source<||> -> Exec['apt_update'] -> Package<||>
>> If I remove this line, the dependency cycle error is gone. Unfortunately, I have
to add the bigtop repository and update apt by myself in this case.
>> Any suggestions how to fix this without disabling the statement?
>> Kind regards
>> Carsten

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