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From Evans Ye <>
Subject Re: Bigtop on Power Linux
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2015 13:21:18 GMT
We as a community are happy to see you to extend bigtop’’s adoption in Power Linux.
I think it’s not mandatory to have Power Linux integrated into the Docker CI pipeline.
As long as there’s a build machine available, we can still do it in traditional way if a
specific technical limitation exist.
As Olaf mentioned, since our working model is still community base, it’s much better to
work this out by going though JIRAs, patches, and the mailing list. In that way, the whole
community can help and join the party.

> Olaf Flebbe <> 於 2015年7月14日 上午2:46 寫道:
> Hi,
> It is super exciting to embrace more Linux platforms.
> I can help out with directions for a quick start, while the full blown new design CI
with docker and puppet will be a tough thing to implement on Power. But first things first:
> As a apache project we encourage you to file JIRAs and I am sure we can work out solutions
even for power specific problems. If the CI is in a reasonable state running the bigtop code,
I see no problem in referencing it as a contribution from your group on our home page.
> If you need further infos feel free to contact me directly via email.
> Greetings,
> Olaf Flebbe
>> Am 13.07.2015 um 17:00 schrieb David Clissold <>:
>> Hi - My group at IBM  (Power open soure software) is interested in coordinating/collaborating
with someone at Apache Bigtop with respect to bringing Bigtop to the Power Linux platform.
>> In particular, we'd like to work with someone on making a Jenkins continuation integration
environment for Linux on Power, to expand Bigtop use to the platform.  As one aspect of this,
we'd like to help with getting an additional link added to the web
page in the "Continuous Integration" section in which an additional Jenkins server could be
listed here for the project (in addition to the two already shown), for anyone interested
in using it.  I'd expect we'd need to do this setting up and making a system available first,
and then providing you a URL which could be referenced.    Would it be agreeable to do this?
 Who should we talk to on this subject?
>> David Clissold
>> Power Open Source Solutions

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