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From jay vyas <>
Subject Re: Bigtop on Power Linux
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2015 16:00:48 GMT
Hi:  Definetly this can all be done.

- That web page is a little out of date but we can update easily.

- Maybe we can have this info pulled in from the README file, so that
people can easily update the README and it will be reflected in real time
rather than the 3 step site deployment.

Lets create a JIRA to follow on.

On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 11:00 AM, David Clissold <> wrote:

> Hi - My group at IBM  (Power open soure software) is interested in
> coordinating/collaborating with someone at Apache Bigtop with respect to
> bringing Bigtop to the Power Linux platform.
> In particular, we'd like to work with someone on making a Jenkins
> continuation integration environment for Linux on Power, to expand Bigtop
> use to the platform.  As one aspect of this, we'd like to help with getting
> an additional link added to the web page in the
> "Continuous Integration" section in which an additional Jenkins server
> could be listed here for the project (in addition to the two already
> shown), for anyone interested in using it.  I'd expect we'd need to do this
> setting up and making a system available first, and then providing you a
> URL which could be referenced.    Would it be agreeable to do this?  Who
> should we talk to on this subject?
> David Clissold
> Power Open Source Solutions

jay vyas

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